Wood Burning Stoves

Recently updated regulations have come into force with regards wood and solid fuel burning stoves.
Here are a few of the most common questions.

  1. Are wood burning stoves going to be banned?

    No but as of January 2022 only the cleanest stoves which meet new emissions standards will be on sale in the UK. May of Charnwood Fireplaces stoves already meet these criteria.

  2. Is wood burning a major contributor to air pollution?

    Pollution statistics include a larger proportion of open fires which do not reach the temperature to burn off pollutants. People burning an open fire may wish to consider installing an efficient inset stove which can be 80% efficient compared to an open fire which is only 20% efficient.

  3. My stove was fitted before we heard about these regulations. Can I still use it after 2022.

    Yes, the standards only apply to stoves sold after January 2022.

  4. Can I trade in my old stove through a scrappage scheme for a stove that complies with the new regulations?

    Not yet, however, the Government is looking at ways to incentivise stove owners to upgrade their old stoves to the latest models.

  5. I was told wood burners are carbon neutral, is this true?

    Yes, as a tree grows it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. When it is burned it releases the same amount of carbon that it has absorbed. It cannot release more. If the tree is left to rot it still releases the same amount of carbon. A wood burning stove is not a contributor to excess carbon in the atmosphere.

  6. I want to buy a wood burning stove from the internet and to save money install it myself

    A good quality stove will last you many years and we are only prepared to supply stoves of quality. Beware of very cheap imports.

    This is not something that we recommend; remember, if you do this, it is vital that the stove is installed and certified by a competent, Hetas-registered installer or planning permission from your local authority is sought.

    We can offer the full supply, installation and chimney lining service if this is required.

  7. Can I read the Governments air quality strategy for myself?

    Yes, follow this link to download a copy from the Government website.

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